Meaning of AEROSOL in English

/air"euh sawl', -sol'/ , n.

1. Physical Chem. a system of colloidal particles dispersed in a gas; smoke or fog.

2. a liquid substance, as a disinfectant or deodorant, sealed in a metal container under pressure with an inert gas or other activating agent and released as a spray or foam through a push-button valve or nozzle: an aerosol for cleaning ovens.

3. See aerosol bomb .


4. of or containing a liquid or gas under pressure for dispensing as a spray or foam: a deodorant available in aerosol cans.

[ 1920-25; AERO- + SOL 4 ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .