Meaning of ARROW in English


— arrowless , adj. — arrowlike , adj.

/ar"oh/ , n.

1. a slender, straight, generally pointed missile or weapon made to be shot from a bow and equipped with feathers at the end of the shaft near the nock, for controlling flight.

2. anything resembling an arrow in form, function, or character.

3. a linear figure having a wedge-shaped end, as one used on a map or architectural drawing, to indicate direction or placement.

4. ( cap. ) Astron. the constellation Sagitta.

5. See broad arrow .


6. to indicate the proper position of (an insertion) by means of an arrow (often fol. by in ): to arrow in a comment between the paragraphs.

[ bef. 900; ME arewe, arwe, OE earh; c. ON or (pl. orvar ), Goth arhwazna; Gmc * arhwo (fem.), akin to L arcus (gen. arcus ) bow, ARC; thus L * arku- bow, pre-Gmc * arku-a belonging to the bow ]

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