Meaning of AUGER in English


/aw"geuhr/ , n.

1. Carpentry.

a. a bit, as for a brace.

b. a boring tool, similar to but larger than a gimlet, consisting of a bit rotated by a transverse handle.

2. See earth auger .

3. a device consisting of a shaft with a broad helical flange rotating within a cylindrical casing to force bulk materials from one end to the other.

4. snake (def. 3a).

[ bef. 900; ME nauger ( a nauger misdivided as an auger; cf. ADDER, APRON), OE nafogar nave-piercer (c. ON nafarr, OS nabuger, MD navegeer, OHG nabager ), equiv. to nafa NAVE 2 + gar spear; cf. GORE 3 , GARLIC ]

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