Meaning of BALSAM in English


— balsamaceous /bawl'seuh may"sheuhs/ , adj. — balsamic /bawl sam"ik/ , adj. — balsamy , adj.

/bawl"seuhm/ , n.

1. any of various fragrant exudations from certain trees, esp. trees of the genus Commiphora, as balm-of-Gilead. Cf. balm (def. 1).

2. the similar products yielded by the leguminous trees Myroxylon pereirae and M. balsamum, of South America. Cf. Peru balsam, tolu .

3. oleoresin (def. 1).

4. any of certain transparent turpentines, as Canada balsam.

5. a plant or tree yielding a balsam.

6. See balsam fir .

7. any of several plants belonging to the genus Impatiens, as I. balsamina, a common garden annual. Cf. balsam family .

8. any aromatic ointment for ceremonial or medicinal use.

9. any agency that heals, soothes, or restores: the balsam of understanding and appreciation.

[ bef. 1000; ME balsamum, balsaum, OE balzaman balsamum bálsamon. See BALM ]

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