Meaning of BED in English

— bedless , adj. — bedlike , adj.

/bed/ , n. , v. , bedded, bedding .


1. a piece of furniture upon which or within which a person sleeps, rests, or stays when not well.

2. the mattress and bedclothes together with the bedstead of a bed.

3. the bedstead alone.

4. the act of or time for sleeping: Now for a cup of cocoa and then bed.

5. the use of a bed for the night; lodging: I reserved a bed at the old inn.

6. the marital relationship.

7. any resting place: making his bed under a tree.

8. something resembling a bed in form or position.

9. a piece or area of ground in a garden or lawn in which plants are grown.

10. an area in a greenhouse in which plants are grown.

11. the plants in such areas.

12. the bottom of a lake, river, sea, or other body of water.

13. a piece or part forming a foundation or base.

14. a layer of rock; a stratum.

15. a foundation surface of earth or rock supporting a track, pavement, or the like: a gravel bed for the roadway.

16. Building Trades.

a. the underside of a stone, brick, slate, tile, etc., laid in position.

b. the upper side of a stone laid in position.

c. the layer of mortar in which a brick, stone, etc., is laid.

d. the natural stratification of a stone: a stone laid on bed.

17. Furniture. skirt (def. 6b).

18. the flat surface in a printing press on which the form of type is laid.

19. Transp. the body or, sometimes, the floor or bottom of a truck or trailer.

20. Chem. a compact mass of a substance functioning in a reaction as a catalyst or reactant.

21. Sports.

a. the canvas surface of a trampoline.

b. the smooth, wooden floor of a bowling alley.

c. the slate surface of a billiard table to which the cloth is fastened.

22. Zool. flesh enveloping the base of a claw, esp. the germinative layer beneath the claw.

23. Also called mock, mock mold . Shipbuilding. a shaped steel pattern upon which furnaced plates for the hull of a vessel are hammered to shape.

24. See bed and board .

25. get up on the wrong side of the bed , to be irritable or bad-tempered from the start of a day: Never try to reason with him when he's gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

26. go to bed ,

a. to retire, esp. for the night.

b. to engage in sexual relations.

27. go to bed with , to have sexual intercourse with.

28. in bed ,

a. beneath the covers of a bed.

b. engaged in sexual intercourse.

29. jump or get into bed with , to form a close, often temporary, alliance, usually with an unlikely ally: Industry was charged with jumping into bed with labor on the issue.

30. make a bed , to fit a bed with sheets and blankets.

31. make one's bed , to be responsible for one's own actions and their results: You've made your bed - now lie in it.

32. put to bed ,

a. to help (a child, invalid, etc.) go to bed.

b. Printing. to lock up (forms) in a press in preparation for printing.

c. to work on the preparation of (an edition of a newspaper, periodical, etc.) up to the time of going to press.


33. to provide with a bed.

34. to put to bed.

35. Hort. to plant in or as in a bed.

36. to lay flat.

37. to place in a bed or layer: to bed oysters.

38. to embed, as in a substance: bedding the flagstones in concrete.

39. to take or accompany to bed for purposes of sexual intercourse.


40. to have sleeping accommodations: He says we can bed there for the night.

41. Geol. to form a compact layer or stratum.

42. (of a metal structural part) to lie flat or close against another part.

43. Archaic. to go to bed.

44. bed down ,

a. to make a bed for (a person, animal, etc.).

b. to retire to bed: They put out the fire and decided to bed down for the night.

[ bef. 1000; ME; OE bedd; c. OFris, D bed, OS bed ( de ), OHG betti (G Bett ), Goth badi badja n (neut.); akin to L fodere to dig, OCS bodo, Lith bedù I pierce, Welsh bedd a grave; presumably a bed was dug out in the ground ]

Syn. 14. band, belt, seam, lode.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .