Meaning of CLAM in English


clam 1

— clamlike , adj. — clammer , n.

/klam/ , n. , v. , clammed, clamming .


1. any of various bivalve mollusks, esp. certain edible species. Cf. quahog, soft-shell clam .

2. Informal. a secretive or silent person.

3. clamminess.

4. Slang. a dollar or the sum of a dollar: I only made 60 clams a week.


5. to gather or dig clams.

6. clam up , Slang. to refuse to talk or reply; refrain from talking or divulging information: The teacher asked who had thrown the eraser, but the class clammed up.

[ 1585-95; short for clam-shell, i.e., bivalve with a shell that clamps. See CLAM 2 , SHELL ]

clam 2

/klam/ , n.

1. Brit. Dial. clamp 1 (defs. 1-3).

2. Mach. (formerly) pincers.

[ bef. 1000; ME; OE, deriv. of clamm fetter, grasp; c. G Klamm fetter; akin to CLAMP ]

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