Meaning of CONFIGURATION in English


— configurational, configurative /keuhn fig"yeuhr euh tiv, -yeuh ray'tiv/ , adj. — configurationally , adv.

/keuhn fig'yeuh ray"sheuhn/ , n.

1. the relative disposition or arrangement of the parts or elements of a thing.

2. external form, as resulting from this; conformation.

3. Astron.

a. the relative position or aspect of heavenly bodies.

b. a group of stars.

4. Chem. an atomic spatial arrangement that is fixed by the chemical bonding in a molecule and that cannot be altered without breaking bonds (contrasted with conformation ).

5. Computers. the totality of a computer and the devices connected to it: A common microcomputer configuration consists of a computer, two disk drives, a monitor, and a printer.

[ 1550-60; configuration- (s. of configuratio ), equiv. to L configurat ( us ) shaped like its model, ptp. of configurare to mold, shape ( con- CON- + figur ( a ) FIGURE + -atus -ATE 1 ) + -ion- -ION ]

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