Meaning of CONGLOMERATE in English

— conglomeratic /keuhn glom'euh rat"ik, keuhng-/ , conglomeritic /keuhn glom'euh rit"ik, keuhng-/ , adj.

n. , adj. /keuhn glom"euhr it, keuhng-/ ; v. /keuhn glom"euh rayt', keuhng-/ , n., adj., v., conglomerated, conglomerating .


1. anything composed of heterogeneous materials or elements.

2. a corporation consisting of a number of subsidiary companies or divisions in a variety of unrelated industries, usually as a result of merger or acquisition.

3. Geol. a rock consisting of pebbles or the like embedded in a finer cementing material; consolidated gravel.


4. gathered into a rounded mass; consisting of parts so gathered; clustered.

5. consisting of heterogeneous parts or elements.

6. of or pertaining to a corporate conglomerate.

7. Geol. of the nature of a conglomerate.


8. to bring together into a cohering mass.

9. to gather into a ball or rounded mass.


10. to collect or cluster together.

11. (of a company) to become part of or merge with a conglomerate.

[ 1565-75; conglomeratus (ptp. of conglomerare ), equiv. to con- CON- + glomer- (s. of glomus ) ball of yarn + -atus -ATE 1 ]

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