Meaning of CONGRESS in English


n. /kong"gris/ ; v. /keuhn gres", keuhng-/ , n.

1. ( cap. )

a. the national legislative body of the U.S., consisting of the Senate, or upper house, and the House of Representatives, or lower house, as a continuous institution.

b. this body as it exists for a period of two years during which it has the same membership: the 96th Congress.

c. a session of this body: to speak in Congress.

2. the national legislative body of a nation, esp. of a republic.

3. a formal meeting or assembly of representatives for the discussion, arrangement, or promotion of some matter of common interest.

4. the act of coming together; an encounter; meeting.

5. an association, esp. one composed of representatives of various organizations.

6. familiar relations; dealings; intercourse.

7. coitus; sexual intercourse.


8. to assemble together; meet in congress.

[ 1350-1400 for earlier sense "body of attendants, following"; 1520-30 for current senses; ME congressus assembly, intercourse, meeting, equiv. to congred ( i ) to approach, meet ( con- CON- + -gredi, comb. form of gradi to step; cf. GRADE) + -tus suffix of v. action ]

Syn. 3. conference, council, convention.

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