Meaning of DEFORM in English

deform 1

— deformable , adj. — deformability , n. — deformative , adj. — deformer , n.

/di fawrm"/ , v.t.

1. to mar the natural form or shape of; put out of shape; disfigure: In cases where the drug was taken during pregnancy, its effects deformed the infants.

2. to make ugly, ungraceful, or displeasing; mar the beauty of; spoil: The trees had been completely deformed by the force of the wind.

3. to change the form of; transform.

4. Geol. , Mech. to subject to deformation: The metal was deformed under stress.


5. to undergo deformation.

[ 1350-1400; ME deformen deformare, equiv. to de- DE- + formare to FORM ]

Syn. 1. misshape. See mar. 2. ruin.

deform 2

/di fawrm"/ , adj. Archaic.

deformed; ugly.

[ 1350-1400; ME defo ( u ) rme deformis, equiv. to de- DE- + -formis -FORM ]

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