Meaning of DISJUNCTIVE in English


— disjunctively , adv.

/dis jungk"tiv/ , adj.

1. serving or tending to disjoin; separating; dividing; distinguishing.

2. Gram.

a. syntactically setting two or more expressions in opposition to each other, as but in poor but happy, or expressing an alternative, as or in this or that.

b. not syntactically dependent upon some particular expression.

3. Logic.

a. characterizing propositions that are disjunctions.

b. (of a syllogism) containing at least one disjunctive proposition as a premise.


4. a statement, course of action, etc., involving alternatives.

5. Logic. disjunction (def. 2a).

6. Gram. a disjunctive word.

[ 1400-50; late ME disjunctivus placed in opposition, equiv. to L disjunct ( us ) (see DISJUNCT) + -ivus -IVE ]

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