Meaning of FLUE in English


flue 1

/flooh/ , n.

1. a passage or duct for smoke in a chimney.

2. any duct or passage for air, gas, or the like.

3. a tube, esp. a large one, in a fire-tube boiler.

4. Music.

a. See flue pipe .

b. Also called windway . a narrow slit in the upper end of an organ pipe through which the air current is directed.

[ 1555-65; earlier flew, perh. repr. OE flewsa a flowing, the form flews being taken as pl. ]

flue 2

/flooh/ , n.

downy matter; fluff.

[ 1580-90; perh. to be identified with OE flug- (in flugol swift, fleeting); akin to FLY 1 . Compare LG flug ]

flue 3

/flooh/ , n.

a fishing net.

Also, flew .

[ 1350-1400; ME flowe; cf. MD vluwe fishing net ]

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