Meaning of PATHFINDER in English

— pathfinding , n. , adj.

/path"fuyn'deuhr, pahth"-/ , n.

1. a person who finds or makes a path, way, route, etc.,esp. through a previously unexplored or untraveled wilderness.

2. an airplane, or a person dropped from a plane, sent into a target area to illuminate the area for succeeding aircraft.

3. a radar beacon beamed into a target area to provide guidance for missiles seeking the target.

4. ( cap. ) an unmanned spacecraft that landed on Mars on July 4, 1997, to obtain climatic and geologic data.

[ 1830-40, Amer. ; PATH + FINDER ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .