Meaning of SERIAL in English


— serially , adv.

/sear"ee euhl/ , n.

1. anything published, broadcast, etc., in short installments at regular intervals, as a novel appearing in successive issues of a magazine.

2. Library Science. a publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designation and intended to be continued indefinitely.


3. published in installments or successive parts: a serial story.

4. pertaining to such publication.

5. of, pertaining to, consisting of, or occurring in a series rather than simultaneously: Some societies condemn both polygamy and serial marriages.

6. effecting or producing a series; sequential: The police think a serial killer is responsible for five homicides in this city last month.

7. Computers.

a. of or pertaining to the apparent or actual performance of data-processing operations one at a time (distinguished from parallel ).

b. of or pertaining to the transmission or processing of each part of a whole in sequence, as each bit of a byte or each byte of a computer word (distinguished from parallel ).

8. Music. of, pertaining to, or composed in serial technique.

[ 1835-45; serialis. See SERIES, -AL 1 ]

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