Meaning of SWAN in English


swan 1

— swanlike , adj.

/swon/ , n.

1. any of several large, stately aquatic birds of the subfamily Anserinae, having a long, slender neck and usually pure-white plumage in the adult. Cf. mute swan, trumpeter swan, whistling swan, whooper swan .

2. a person or thing of unusual beauty, excellence, purity, or the like.

3. Literary. a person who sings sweetly or a poet.

4. ( cap. ) Astron. the constellation Cygnus.

[ bef. 900; ME, OE; c. G Schwan, ON svanr ]

swan 2

/swon/ , v.i.

Midland and Southern U.S. Older Use. to swear or declare (used with I ): Well, I swan, I never expected to see you here!

[ 1775-85, Amer.; prob. continuing dial. (N England) I s'wan, shortening of I shall warrant ]

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