Meaning of -TH in English

-th 1

a suffix forming nouns of action ( birth ) or abstract nouns denoting quality or condition ( depth; length; warmth ).

[ ME -th ( e ), OE -thu, -tho, -th (var. -t after a velar, f, or s ); c. Goth -itha, L -tus, Gk -tos ]

-th 2

a suffix used in the formation of ordinal numbers ( fourth, tenth ), in some cases, added to altered stems of the cardinal ( fifth; twelfth ).

[ ME -the, -te, OE -tha, -the (var. -ta after f or s ); c. ON -thi, -di, L -tus, Gk -tos; see -ETH ]

-th 3

var. of -eth 1 : doth.

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