Meaning of WINCH in English


winch 1

— wincher , n.

/winch/ , n.

1. the crank or handle of a revolving machine.

2. a windlass turned by a crank, for hoisting or hauling.

3. any of various devices for cranking.

4. Also, wince . Textiles.

a. any machine equipped with rollers that guide cloth through a dye or finishing solution in an open vat.

b. a roller between two dyeing vats for passing cloth from one vat to another.


5. to hoist or haul (a load) by means of a winch.

[ bef. 1050; ME winche, OE wince pulley; akin to WENCH, WINCE 1 , WINK 1 ]

winch 2

/winch/ , v.i., n. Archaic.

wince 1 .

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