Meaning of X in English


/eks/ , v.t., x-ed or x'd /ekst/ , x-ing or x'ing /ek"sing/ .

1. to cross out or mark with or as if with an x (often fol. by out ): to x out an error.

2. to indicate choice, as on a ballot or examination (often fol. by in ): to x in the candidate of your choice.

[ 1840-50 ]

1. ex 1 (def. 1).

2. excess.

3. Stock Exchange.

a. (of stock trading) ex dividend.

b. (of bond trading) See ex interest .

4. experimental.

5. extra.


1. an unknown quantity or a variable.

2. (used at the end of letters, telegrams, etc., to indicate a kiss.)

3. (used to indicate multiplication) times: 8 × 8=64.

4. (used between figures indicating dimensions) by: 3" × 4" (read: "three by four inches"); 3" × 4" × 5" (read: "three by four by five inches").

5. power of magnification: a 50x telescope.

6. (used as a signature by an illiterate person.)

7. cross.

8. crossed with.

9. (used to indicate a particular place or point on a map or diagram.)

10. out of; foaled by: a colt by Flag-a-way x Merrylegs.

11. (used to indicate choice, as on a ballot, examination, etc.)

12. (used to indicate an error or incorrect answer, as on a test.)

13. Math. (in Cartesian coordinates) the x-axis.

14. Chess. captures.

15. a person, thing, agency, factor, etc., of unknown identity.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .