Meaning of ACBTNMGR_X73 in English


AcBtnMgr_x73.exe AcBtnMgr_x83.exe

(Jetsoft for Lexmark)

Lexmark X73/X83 Button Manager, also called "Lexmark Scan & Copy Control Program" . System Tray icon for the Lexmark X73/X83 multifunction printer/scanner/copier. Through that icon you can access from your PC all the functions available on the control pad of your Lexmark X73/X83 : scan, scan to e-mail, scan and fax, scan to OCR, copy, scanning resolution settings.

Recommendation :

Down to end-user preference. This program is not strictly necessary for the proper operation of your Lexmark X73/X83 as you can use most of the above features via the printer’s control panel. However you need this System Tray program to scan to e-mail, fax, or OCR, and to change the machine’s defaults, such as the default scanning resolution, the email address to scan and e-mail to, etc... Should you decide to disable this task with Startup Manager, you can start it at any time via "Start \ Programs \ Lexmark X73/X83 \ Lexmark Scan & Copy Control Program".

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