Meaning of APTEZBP in English




Part of IBM’s Aptiva EZ Buttons software. The EZ Buttons software enables the user to customize and use the rapid access buttons on the Aptiva’s Rapid Access Keyboards. Typically these keyboards include up to 14 rapid access buttons which enable the user to directly access specific Windows functions, such as Help, your CD player, audio functions, Suspend mode, etc... Four of the buttons can be customized to start whichever application you wish to start at the push of a button.

Recommendation :

This task is an essential part of the EZ Button software. If you use the Rapid Access buttons, you need to have APTEZBP running. APTEZBP uses a relatively large amount of memory and has caused problems on PCs with only 32Mb of RAM. If you have 64Mb or more, however, APTEZBP should not cause you any problems.

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