Meaning of AVCONSOL in English




AntiVirus Console for McAfee VirusScan 4. This is the McAfee Task Scheduler in VirusScan 4 which enables you to schedule virus scans of your hard disks, download of virus definition updates, etc... AVCONSOL sits in the System Tray in the shape of a McAfee icon.

Recommendation :

AVCONSOL is temperamental (read "unreliable"). We recommend that you do not rely on AVCONSOL having properly downloaded the latest updates from the McAfee websites. We have seen AVCONSOL appear to be working only to find that the virus DAT file never really gets updated. In our experience, remembering to regularly manually update your version 4 of McAfee VirusScan is a far more reliable process than relying on AVCONSOL doing it automatically ! If you follow our recommendation, and do not have hard disk virus scans scheduled, then you can disable AVCONSOL with Startup Manager.

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