Meaning of B3DUPDATE in English


(Brilliant Digital)

Background auto-update program for Brilliant Digital’s B3D Projector. B3D Projector is what we call adware – Brilliant Digital’s own description : "The B3D Projector is a free viewer that plays the b3d animations created through b3d Exporter and b3d Studio. Available as a plug-in for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, or as a self-contained installation for CD distribution, the b3d Projector plays b3d files streamed over the Internet or distributed on CD-ROM.... Of course you may want to get revenue for all that content you’re creating, so you’ll be pleased to know that the Projector offers many e-commerce features, including auto-refreshing banner ads, interstitial ads, and an optional end-of-movie HTML page that can direct traffic back to your web site." Our translation : a program which you can use to offer your own software free of charge while obtaining revenue from advertising through B3D Projector’s ability to display ads.

At the time of writing, 26-May-2002, B3D Projector and other Brilliant Digital software come embedded in the popular Kazaa file sharing program, with the worrying following paragraph in the licensing agreement displayed during the installation : "You hereby grant (Brilliant) the right to access and use the unused computing power and storage space on your computer/s and/or Internet access or bandwidth for the aggregation of content and use in distributed computing. The user acknowledges and authorizes this use without the right of compensation."

Recommendation :

Get rid of any Brilliant Digital software which we have classified as adware. We are against adware as adware consumes bandwidth (it significantly reduces the speed at which you access the Internet or download from the Internet) and most adware also results in interminable and unbelievably irritating popup advertisements. Additionally, in the specific case of Brilliant Digital, their products often do not get de-installed when you de-install the software that originally installed them. Download SpyBot Search & Destroy from our

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