Meaning of BTTRAY in English




Widcomm’s Bluetooth Tray Application. Widcomm’s Bluetooth for Windows software, BTW, comes bundled with many Bluetooth devices, e.g. TDK Bluetooth PCMCIA cards, Epox motherboards with embedded Bluetooth connectivity, etc. BTTRAY is the actual user interface of the software, and it sits in the System Tray where it enables the user to discover/detect and connect nearby Bluetooth devices. You can also configure security and every single feature of the Bluetooth software through this icon.

Recommendation :

There is no "Exit" option for this icon, and the reason is that the System Tray is the only place where the software runs from. So, if you are using Bluetooth devices on a regular basis, leave this task alone – if you want to disable it, however, you can do that through Starter

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