Meaning of CCAPP in English




Symantec’s Common Client Application for Norton AntiVirus 2003, Norton Personal Firewall 2003, and Norton Internet Security 2003. This task is, effectively, the "master" task in these products as its role is to call the different program features of the above products. For example, if Auto-Protect and E-mail Scanning are enabled, then CCAPP makes sure that those programs are running. If CCAPP is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.

Recommendation :

Leave well alone – this task is crucial to the proper working of your Norton 2003 security product. We recommend, however, that you do a manual LiveUpdate at least once a week as, at the time of writing (10-Dec-2002), we have experienced a few irritating problems with the 2003 edition of the above Norton products, and Symantec seem to be fixing things every week (via LiveUpdate updates).

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