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Norton CrashGuard Monitor. Norton CrashGuard is a program which was released in the early days of Windows 95 when users first started to experience the wonderful new world of "Blue Screen" crashes (Blue Screen of Death – BSOD), "Illegal Operations", etc... The idea behind Norton CrashGuard, and umpteenth other programs of the same ilk from other software authors, was that they would watch out for conditions that might lead to crashes and would either prevent crashes or would at the very least enable the end-user to recover "gracefully" from a crash. Hmmm! Well, reality caught up and once it became clear that no program can ever successfully always prevent crashes, companies like Symantec withdrew their products from the market – in the case of Symantec CrashGuard was withdrawn in September 2000 when it was no longer included as part of SystemWorks 2001 (the "official line" is probably different to what we say it is!).

Recommendation :

Norton CrashGuard causes more problems than it ever solves or catches – the list : startup problems, conflicts with installation programs, freezes, general protection faults, and... increased system crashes (!!!!!!). Our recommendation to anyone still running Norton CrashGuard is that they should de-install it (or at the very least disable it within the older versions of Norton Utilities or SystemWorks).

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