Meaning of CIDAEMON in English




Windows NT4/2000/XP task which is part of the Microsoft Index Server (NT4) or its replacement, the Microsoft Indexing Service (2000/XP). The Indexing Service is a background process which catalogues files so that you can then do searches for any piece of text across your entire file system, or across a specific range of folders. The Indexing Service works differently on server operating system than it works on desktop operating systems. On fileservers running Windows NT4/2000-server/XP-server, the Indexing Service, which needs to be set up, configured, and started, is used to construct library catalogues which end-users on the network can then search to find specific documents – in short, it is an Intranet tool. On desktop operating systems (Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home or Professional), the Indexing Service runs by default and simply catalogues in the background all files on your PC so that when you do a "Search for Files or Folders", the results come back much faster as Windows 2000/XP gets its results from the catalogues (indexes) that were built by the Indexing Service rather than through trawling your entire disk for every search you make.

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