Meaning of DATEMANAGER in English


(The Gator Corporation)

You are browsing the web. Suddenly something pops up in the middle of your screen. Annoyed you hurriedly check for a Cancel button. There is no Cancel button, and the wording seems to indicate that the popup popped up as a result of something you did, something you wanted, so you click OK, again in a hurry. You’ve been "got". Through one of their clever popup ads The Gator Corporation have managed to trick you into installing Date Manager, Precision Time, and their adware (in this context we call "adware" software which communicates back to an advertising server and pops up advertisements as you are browsing the Internet). From now on your browsing experience becomes an absolute nightmare of endless advertising popup windows.

Recommendation :

Date Manager is actually a nifty piece of software – a well designed System Tray calendar with a reminder facility. However, we object to end-users being tricked into installing software without realising that that is what is happening. And when that software also installs adware, then it becomes totally unacceptable. Worse still, programs randomly stop responding temporarily with this software installed, and then start working again. This is software we hate ! De-install "Date Manager" and "PrecisionTime" from the "Add/Remove Program" icon in the Control Panel, then download SpyBot Search & Destroy from our and use it to remove Gator and any other adware or spyware. Note, however, that in some cases removing adware will totally disable the application which installed it, and this maybe an application which is important to you, so you may want to initially only disable this with Startup Manager while you ascertain how Gator Gain got into your PC.

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