Meaning of DCFSSVC in English




Kodak DC (Direct Connection) File System Driver. Part of Kodak Digital Camera software. All information which follows is courtesy of extensive research by AnswersThatWork users. DCFSSVC is essential to the operation of the Kodak digital cameras that it is associated with. It runs in the background and fools the operating system into thinking that the camera connected to the PC via the USB port is in fact a hard disk drive, thereby allowing the end-user to transfer pictures from the camera to his PC.

Recommendation :

Essential to the proper interfacing of your Kodak camera with your PC. However, DCFSSVC interferes with drive imaging software such as PowerQuest’s Drive Image, Symantec’s Norton Ghost, or StorageSoft’s ImageCast, as these packages get confused when trying to figure out what type of hard drive they are dealing with. If you intend to use any drive image software, disable DCFSSVC with Startup Manager, then reboot your PC before using the drive image software.

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