Русско-английский перевод АНАЛОГИЧНЫЙ


• This is something akin to the previously described model.

• To have analogy to ( or with ) ...

• Kindred pumping services are grouped together wherever possible with a common driving unit.

• The carrier and the cruiser will be powered by like plants.

• Like atoms are at minimum separations.

• Later trials subjected glucose to like temperatures.

• Related work on two-photon ionization of NA 2 and BaCl beams was carried out by ...

• Related bimolecular reactions show the same result.

• A related explanation has been advanced for ...

• Elements with similar ( or analogous ) properties ...

• Another suggestion along similar lines is that ...

см. тж. весьма аналогичен


аналогичен по

аналогичен по своему


совершенно аналогично

аналогично этому

аналогично тому, как

аналогичного размера

~ по химическому составу

аналогичным образом

аналогичного характера


по аналогии

аналогичные рассуждения приводят к выводу о том, что

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