Meaning of TURBINE in English


Turbine: A type of engine in which all the parts that are in regular motion are rotating, making for very smooth operation. The basic gas turbine operates as follows: air enters the compressor and is compressed. It is then delivered to the combustion chamber under pressure and here the fuel is introduced, mixed with the air and burned, the quantity injected determining speed and power output. The hot, high-pressure burning gases then proceed to the first turbine, which drives the compressor , and continue to the power turbine, which delivers power to the output shaft through reduction gears. The gears are necessary because the speed of turbine rotation is measured in tens of thousands of rpm not thousands as with a typical piston engine. The turbine's attractions include its utter simplicity and directness in getting power from burning gas, its smoothness, easy cold starting and its ability to run on almost any hydrocarbon fuel. On the minus side are high cost, problems with materials because of the high temperatures and speed of rotation and relatively high NOx production.

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