Meaning of TURBINE in English




gas turbine

the ship’s four gas turbine engines

wind turbine




The facility also has a test bed for Ruston and Solar turbine engines .

A jet turbine engine may run for 40, 000 hours before being rebuilt.


Subcontractor, Woodward Governor, also provided an interesting display with the Netcon 500 gas turbine monitoring and control system.

The batteries are charged on-board by a small gas turbine auxiliary propulsion unit.

The gas turbine also keeps the batteries topped up.

One of its most significant features is the choice of a gas turbine rather than internal combustion engine.

Rolls-Royce has a strong order book in aero gas turbines and the prospect of further large orders in a buoyant aircraft market.


The seasonal performance might be improved to some extent by using a wind turbine as the energy source.

Gipe gives values based on rotor diameter for the outputs of a range of wind turbines currently available.

The toilets are lit with electricity from a wind turbine .

The organisation hopes to power the village via a wind turbine .

Another interesting option is the use of wind turbines as windbreaks to reduce wind speed and erosion.

These, the largest offshore wind turbines in the world, have been tested for three months.

Britain's 2,000 kilometres of motorway could accomodate 130,000 wind turbines safely and efficiently at a cost of £10,000 for each device.


At operating speed there was no roaring, vibrating, or shaking, just a smooth whine from the turbine .

In earlier times this had an overshot wheel, later replaced with a turbine .

It revs like a turbine and sounds like a locomotive. it turns the skin on your arms to gooseflesh.

Tesla was obsessed by water wheels and turbines.

That was the genesis of an idea that returned to him years later when he invented a smooth disc turbine without buckets.

The turbine whined familiarly and the rotors blurred above the cabin.

The seasonal performance might be improved to some extent by using a wind turbine as the energy source.

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