Meaning of AALTO, ALVAR in English


born Feb. 3, 1898, Kuortane, Fin., Russian Empire

died May 11, 1976, Helsinki

Finnish architect and designer.

He graduated from the Technical Institute of Helsinki and in 1925 married Aino Marsio, who served as his collaborator. His reputation rests on a distinctive style that blends classic Modernism, indigenous materials (especially timber), and personal expression. His unique blending of Modernism and informal regional character was perhaps best expressed in his civic centre in Säynätsalo (1950–52), with its simple forms in red brick, wood, and copper. He remains one of the Modern movement's most popular architects; reproductions of his bent laminated wood furniture appear in households worldwide.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.      Краткая энциклопедия Британика.