Meaning of ABBAS in English



known as 02BD; Abb 0101; s the Great

born Jan. 27, 1571

died Jan. 19, 1629

Shah of Persia (1587–1629).

Succeeding his father, Mu 1E25; ammad Shah, he strengthened the Safavid dynasty by expelling Ottoman and Uzbek troops and creating a standing army. 02BD; Abb 0101; s made Esfahan Persia's capital, and under him it became one of the world's most beautiful cities. Persian artistic achievement reached a high point during his reign; illuminated manuscripts, ceramics, and painting all flourished, and the Portuguese, Dutch, and English competed for trade relations with Persia. Tolerant in public life (he granted privileges to Christian groups) and concerned for his people's welfare, his fear for his personal security led him to act ruthlessly against his immediate family.

02BD; Abb 0101; s I, detail of a painting by the Mughal school of Jah 0101; ng 012B; r, 0441; ...

Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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