Meaning of ABD AL-MU'MIN IBN ALI in English


born 1094, T 0101; gr 0101; , kingdom of the 1E24; amm 0101; dids

died 1163, Rabat, Almohad empire

Berber caliph (1130–63) of the Almohad dynasty .

Around 1117 he fell under the sway of Ibn T 016B; mart, founder of the Almohad religious movement, and joined him in opposing to the ruling Almoravid dynasty . He succeeded Ibn T 016B; mart on the latter's death in 1130 and for the next 17 years carried on the struggle against the Almoravids. After defeating them at Marrakech in 1147, he massacred many of the city's inhabitants, made Marrakech his home base, and conquered all of North Africa west of Egypt.

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