Meaning of ABD AL-RAHMAN in English


born January 891

died Oct. 15, 961, Córdoba, Andalusian Spain

First caliph and greatest ruler of the Umayyad Arab Muslim dynasty of Spain.

He succeeded his grandfather 02BD; Abd All 0101; h as emir of Córdoba in 912. He set out immediately to subdue Muslim rebels in their mountain fortresses, which became an annual task until the Umayyad's took Toledo in 933. Addressing the Christian threat to the north, he led the campaigns of Muez (920) and Navarra (924). In 928 he declared himself caliph. By 958 he had Christian kings paying him homage. During his rule, Córdoba was exemplary for its social, political, and cultural development; Christian and Jewish communities flourished, and the city's fame rivaled that of the Byzantine capital, Constantinople.

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