Meaning of ABD AL-SAMAD in English


flourished 16th century

Persian miniature painter.

Born in Iran, he traveled to India and became one of the first members of the imperial atelier there. Through their teachings in India, he and fellow countryman M 012B; r Sayyid Al 012B; played a strong role in the foundation of the school of Mughal painting . 02BD; Abd al- 1E62; amad supervised the majority of illustrations in the Mughal manuscript D 0101; st 0101; n-e Am 012B; r 1E24; amzeh , or Hamzanama , which included about 1,400 paintings. Favoured at court, in 1576 he was appointed master of the mint, and in 1584 he was made d 012B; w 0101; n (revenue commissioner) of Multan.

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