Meaning of FREDERICK in English



German Friedrich

born July 11, 1657, Königsberg, Prussia

died Feb. 25, 1713, Berlin, Ger.

King of Prussia (1701–13).

In 1688 he succeeded his father, Frederick William , as elector of Brandenburg (as Frederick III). In European politics, Frederick allied himself with Austria, England, and Holland against France. Prussia's contingents in the imperial army distinguished themselves in the wars of the Grand Alliance and in the War of the Spanish Succession . Austria and Prussia signed a secret treaty that permitted Frederick to crown himself king of Prussia, which was obliged to support Austria militarily and in imperial affairs. As a monarchy, Prussia's diverse Hohenzollern lands were turned into provinces, and Frederick freed the new kingdom from imperial control and increased its revenues.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.      Краткая энциклопедия Британика.