Meaning of FREDERICK in English


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Frederick Austerlitz

Attenborough Sir David Frederick

Banting Sir Frederick Grant

Birkenhead Frederick Edwin Smith 1st earl of

Blanda George Frederick

Blunt Anthony Frederick

Borden Sir Frederick William

Bowles Paul Frederick

Clarendon George William Frederick Villiers 4th earl of

Cody William Frederick

Delius Frederick Theodore Albert

Douglass Frederick

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey

Evans Frederick Henry

Frederick I

Frederick Barbarossa

Frederick II

Frederick the Great

Frederick III

Frederick V

Frederick the Winter King

Frederick VII

Frederick Henry

Frederick William

Frederick William I

Frederick William II

Frederick William III

Frederick William IV

{{link=Frelinghuysen Frederick Theodore">Frelinghuysen Frederick Theodore

Fuller John Frederick Charles

George William Frederick

George Augustus Frederick

Albert Frederick Arthur George

George Frederick Ernest Albert

Halifax Edward Frederick Lindley Wood 1st earl of

Hall Sir Peter Reginald Frederick

Halsey William Frederick Jr.

Hassam Frederick Childe

Hopkins Sir Frederick Gowland

William Frederick Hoppe

Lanchester Frederick William

Lewis Frederick Carlton

Loewe Frederick

Lugard Frederick John Dealtry

Frederick Ernest McIntyre Bickel

Marryat Frederick

Mondale Walter Frederick

North of Kirtling Frederick Lord

Olmsted Frederick Law

Parrish Frederick Maxfield

Pollock Sir Frederick 3rd Baronet

Reinhardt Adolf Frederick

Sanger Frederick

Soddy Frederick

Springsteen Bruce Frederick Joseph

Steuben Frederick William Augustus Baron von

Taylor Frederick Winslow

Turner Frederick Jackson

Vinson Frederick Moore

Weyerhaeuser Frederick

Wilkins Maurice Hugh Frederick

Worth Charles Frederick

Alexander Frederick

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