Meaning of UTHMAN IBN AFFAN in English


died June 17, 656, Medina, Arabia

Third caliph of the Umayyad dynasty .

Born into the powerful Umayyad clan of Mecca, he became a wealthy merchant before converting to Islam; he was the first convert of high social and economic standing. He married a daughter of Muhammad . On the death of Umar ibn al-Khatt 0101; b (644), 02BD; Uthm 0101; n was chosen as his successor. His reign as caliph was marked by nepotism and personal profit, and he made many enemies. His accomplishments included centralizing the administration of the caliphate and establishing an official version of the Qu 02BE; r 0101; n. His death at the hands of rebels marked the beginning of the first fitnah .

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