Meaning of WILLIAM in English


Dutch Willem Frederik

born Aug. 24, 1772, The Hague, United Provinces of the Netherlands

died Dec. 12, 1843, Berlin, Prussia

King of The Netherlands and grand duke of Luxembourg (1815–40).

Son of William V, prince of Orange, he married in 1791 and immigrated with his family to England after the French invasion of the Dutch Republic (1795). He sided with Prussia against Napoleon and lived in exile at the Prussian court until 1812. After the Dutch revolt against French rule, he became sovereign prince of the Dutch Republic (1813) and king of the United Netherlands (1815), which included Belgium, Liège, and Luxembourg. He led an economic recovery program that sparked a commercial revival, but his autocratic methods and imposition of Dutch as the official language provoked a revolt by Belgium (1830) that led to its independence. In 1840 he abdicated in favour of his son, William II .

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