Meaning of BABOON in English


Any of five species of robust monkeys (genus Papio ) of Arabia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Baboons have a large head, cheek pouches, and a long, doglike muzzle. They walk on all fours, carrying the tail in a characteristic arch. They weigh 30–90 lbs (14–40 kg) and are about 20–45 in. (50–115 cm) long, excluding the tail (18–28 in., or 45–70 cm, long). Found mainly in drier savanna and rocky areas, they feed on a variety of plants and animals. Highly social and intelligent, they travel in large noisy troops, communicating by calls. They may destroy crops, and their enormous canine teeth and powerful limbs make them dangerous opponents.

Anubis, or olive, baboon ( Papio anubis ).

Norman Myers/Photo Researchers

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