Meaning of BABOON in English


(ˈ)ba|bün, Brit usually & US sometimes bəˈb- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English babewin, baboin, from Middle French babouin, from baboue grimace; akin to Middle French babine thick lip, babiller to babble, probably of imitative origin like Middle English babelen to babble — more at babble

1. obsolete : a grotesque figure in architectural or decorative work


a. : any of various large African and Asiatic cercopithecoid primates constituting the genus Papio and related genera and having doglike muzzles, large canine teeth, cheek pouches, usually a short tail, and naked callosities on the buttocks — see chacma , drill , mandrill VI

b. : an uncouth, coarse, or ugly person ; especially : one that combines the qualities of great physical strength, low intelligence, and brutish appearance

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