Meaning of ENNIN in English


born 794, Tsuga district, Shimotsuke province, Japan

died Feb. 24, 864, Japan

Japanese Buddhist who founded the Sammon branch of the Tendai ( Tiantai ) sect.

Educated in the Enryaku-ji monastery near Kyōto, he was a disciple of Saichō . He spent nine years studying Buddhism in China, returning home in AD 847 with 559 volumes of Chinese Buddhist texts and a system of musical notation for religious chants that is still used in Japan. He introduced to Japanese Buddhism the practice of chanting the name of Amida ( Amitabha ) as a route to rebirth in Amida's paradise. He also established Tendai esotericism. He became chief priest of his order in 854, and his teachings were influential in Japanese Buddhism for centuries.

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