Meaning of FEVER in English



or pyrexia

Abnormally high body temperature or a disease characterized by it.

It most often occurs with infection . Normal core body temperature, measured orally, does not exceed 99kF (37.2kC). Up to 105kF (40.6kC), fever causes weakness and is best treated with aspirin , acetaminophen , or other antipyretic drugs. At 108kF (42.2kC) or more, it can lead to convulsions and death. In treatment, it is important to know the underlying cause. Fever appears to be a defense against infectious disease, stimulating antibody production and perhaps killing or inhibiting bacteria and viruses that live within a narrow temperature range.


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

undulant fever

Mediterranean fever

Malta fever

dandy fever

breakbone fever

typhoid fever

hay fever

hemorrhagic fever

swine fever

glandular fever

puerperal fever

childbed fever

{{link=relapsing fever">relapsing fever

rheumatic fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

scarlet fever

yellow fever

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