Meaning of RADIATION in English


Process by which energy is emitted from a source and propagated through the surrounding medium, or the energy involved in this process.

Radiation consists of a flow of atomic or subatomic particles or of waves. Familiar examples are light (a form of electromagnetic radiation ) and sound (a form of acoustic radiation). Both electromagnetic and acoustic radiation can be described as waves with a range of frequencies and intensities. Electromagnetic radiation is also often treated as discrete packets of energy, called radioactivity ). See also Cherenkov ratiation , Hawking radiation , infrared radiation , synchrotron radiation , thermal radiation , ultraviolet radiation .


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braking radiation

Cherenkov radiation

cosmic background radiation

electromagnetic radiation

Hawking radiation

infrared radiation

enhanced radiation warhead

{{link=radiation injury">radiation injury

radiation pressure

radiation therapy

synchrotron radiation

thermal radiation

ultraviolet radiation

Van Allen radiation belts

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