Meaning of 'ABD AL-MU'MIN in English


born c. 1094, Tagra, Kingdom of the Hammadids died 1163, Rabat, Almohad Empire in full 'Abd al-Mu'min ibn 'Ali Berber caliph of the Almohad dynasty (reigned 1130-63), who conquered the North African Maghrib from the Almoravids andbrought all the Berbers under one rule. Additional reading Information about 'Abd al-Mu'min and his work may be found in the general histories by Henri Terrasse, Histoire du Maroc, vol. 2, pp. 261-316 (1950); and Ambrosio Huici Miranda, Historia poltica del Imperio Almohade, 2 vol. (1956-57), both with numerous bibliographic references.

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