Meaning of 'ABD AL-QADIR AL-JILANI in English


born 1077/78, Nif, Persia died 1166, Baghdad traditional founder of the Qadiriyah order of the mystical Sufi branch of Islam. He studied Islamic law in Baghdad and was introduced to Sufism rather late in life, first appearing as a preacher in 1127. His great reputation as a preacher and teacher attracted disciples from the entire Islamic world, and he is said to have converted numerous Jews and Christians to Islam. His achievement as a thinker was to have reconciled the mystical nature of the Sufi calling with the sober demands of Islamic law. His concept of Sufism was that of a holy war or jihad waged against one's own will in order to conquer egotism and worldliness and to submit to God's will. Numerous legends of his saintliness arose after his death, and he retains a popular following among those who consider him a divine mediator.

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