Meaning of 'AFULA in English


largest city of the Plain of Esdraelon, or Valley of Jezreel (Hebrew: 'Emeq Yizre'el), northern Israel. Named for the Arab village of Al-'Affula formerly at that site, it is sometimes called 'Ir Yizre'el (City of Jezreel). It was founded in 1925 on lands acquired by the American Zion Commonwealth, a land-development organization, and was the first planned urban settlement of Jewish Palestine. The city is situated at the junction of two main roads leading to Galilee and the north. One is the coastal road from Tel AvivYafo; the other is the hill road from Jerusalem via Nabulus and Janin. The latter route is largely in the West Bank territory. At its foundation, most of the city's natural hinterland was occupied by collective or cooperative settlements. These were economically and socially independent of 'Afula, and most of them also rejected urban society ideologically. As a result, the development of 'Afula as a quasi-metropolitan centre was hindered. Only after 1948 did the population begin to grow, owing to the settlement of large numbers of Jewish immigrants. A new section, 'Afula 'Illit (Upper 'Afula), was built on the slopes of Mount Ha-More, about 3 miles (5 km) from the old central business district. In 1972 'Afula received municipality status. 'Afula has a large sugar-refining plant, textile mills, and a nylon-stocking factory. The Plain of Esdraelon's large regional hospital is there, as are a teachers' college and numerous government offices. Pop. (1994 est.) 33,000.

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