Meaning of ASTIKA in English


in Indian philosophy, any orthodox school of thought, defined as one that accepts the authority of the Vedas (sacred scriptures of ancient India); the superiority of the Brahmans (the class of priests), who are the expositors of the law (dharma); and a society made up of the four traditional classes (varna). The six orthodox philosophic systems are those of Samkhya and Yoga, Nyaya and Vaisesika, and Mimamsa and Vedanta. The term astika comes from the Sanskrit asti, which means there is. Contrasted to the astika systems are the nastika (Sanskrit: from na asti, there is not), the individuals and schools that do not accept the authority of the Veda, the system of the four classes, and the superiority of the Brahmins. Included among the nastika schools are the Buddhists, Jainas, the ascetic Ajivikas, and the materialistic Carvakas.

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