Meaning of BADARIAN CULTURE in English

Egyptian predynastic cultural phase, first discovered at al-Badari, its type-site, on the east bank of the Nile River in Asyut muhafazah (governorate), Upper Egypt. British excavations there during the 1920s revealed settlements and cemeteries dating to about 4000 BC. Although the Badarians apparently continued the agricultural and pastoral practices of the Tasians (see Tasian culture), whom some scholars consider to be their immediate predecessors, their artistic and technical skills were greatly improved. Their pottery, often distinguished by a black top, was extremely thin-walled, well-baked, and often decorated with a burnished ripple; many regard it as the best ever made in the Nile River valley. Other remains include combs and spoons of ivory, slate palettes, female figurines, and copper and stone beads. Badarian materials have also been found at Jazirat Armant, al-Hammamiyah, Hierakonpolis (modern Kawm al-Ahmar), al-Matmar, and Tall al-Kawm al-Kabir.

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